Week of September 21 — 25

Weekly Overview

Reading — We have finished Unit 1 in our reading series.  We will be reviewing the comprehension skills as we prepare for our Benchmark test this Friday.  To continue last week’s story, Shutting Out the Sky, we will complete a one week unit on immigration that will conclude with an immigration simulation on Friday. 

Math — We will be working on Multiplying 2 digit by 2 digit numbers this week.  Students need to study their multiplication facts each night to increase their fluency with this skill

English — We will be reviewing types of sentences; subjects/predicates; independent and dependent clauses; simple, compound, complex sentences; and common/proper nouns.  We will also begin a new descriptive essay on our favorite desserts (Yum! Yum!)

Other News

This week we will be setting up our classroom economy.  Students will earn credits for complete work, homework, class participation, among other things.  They can also lose debits for not completing homework/classwork, not staying on task, among other things.  Every three weeks students will able to “spend” their credits in the class store. 

Looking Ahead

Progress Reports go home Tuesday, September 22nd

Fall Pictures — Friday, September 25th

Fall Break: October 5th — 9th


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